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Christmas-FM founded by to 2 DJs who wanted to start a Christmas-FM radiostation The Beginning: In The Hague it was in the past only with the Christmas day The transmitter H.K.R to hear this stood for The Hague Kerstradio. This was a pirate radio that broadcasted old Christmas music, foke and Bingo games around Christmas.

But in 2008 Christmas FM would broadcast on FM. This would be the first professional Christmas hit station. The intention was to broadcast on FM on the first and second day of Christmas and also listen to this station as an online radio station.

Listen now Christmas-FM Livestream


These 2 projects did not work there were no FM broadcasts and there was nothing to see or listen to online. After this failure, Christmas-FM would try again in 2009 with Christmas, but due to unfamiliar circumstances this was then-time also canceled


Now Online: only in 2010 Christmas-FM broadcast with the Christmas. Christmas-FM had the FM band left for what it was and the station was not on the FM to listen. But only this time online as internet station to listen. And this was immediately a decisive success!


The Progress in 2011? The End of Christmas-FM. Most employees of Christmas-FM were already eagerly awaiting the Christmas of 2011, All employees were on the starting blocks to further expand the great success of the online broadcasts in 2010. However, after that first successful year there is no longer broadcast, the plug was pulled out. And the site of Christmas-FM went out of the blue. In 2016, a Hague internet entrepreneur took over the station to further develop. (note the - FM.NL) is not related to the ChristmasFM from Ireland. Stay Tuned!