About Christmas-FM.The origins of Christmas-FM

Christmas-FM exists today thanks to two DJs from The Hague who wanted to broadcast to their hometown on the FM during Christmas. This idea first surfaced in 2010.

The station was supposed to broadcast a variety of hits and oldies, aside from of course the best Christmas music. That old free radio feeling would play a big role as well. Special jingles were purchased too, showing that the plans for creating the station were in an advanced stage. Because of an unknown setback, however, no broadcasts were sent out that year. It was later discovered that the FM-transmitter had been faulty.

[Picture Christmas-FM 2010 FM-transmitter]

The decision was made to wait until the next Christmas.

Preparations begun again in early 2011. A professional website was put online and plans were made at a great pace.

This time, though, it was decided that the broadcast would only be available online. The payoff was big; the livestream was packed with listeners the whole day. Enthusiasm with regards to the station and its program was clearly present. When the end of 2012 neared, the DJs could barely wait to broadcast their programs at Christmas-FM again.

[Picture,Christmas-FM old logo ]

To the surprise of listeners and DJs alike, there doesn't seem to be any movement at the radio station from The Hague in 2012. It transpires that Christmas-FM doesn't have any concrete plans this year. The domain they used last year isn't even active anymore, and everything else is shut off too.

[Picture,Christmas-FM the end 2013]

In collaboration with radio entrepreneurs from Rijswijk and The Hague, we've bought the Christmas-FM domain in 2016 with the intention to develop a new radio station.

[The current management wants to thank the whole old Christmas-FM team for their effort, and for making the information above available.]

Please note: Christmas-FM is an independent radio station and has no ties to the Irish Christmas FM.

Stay tuned ;-)